Monday, January 21, 2008

Calder at OSP

Here's another view of the Calder 'Eagle'.

I just found out an exhibit of Calder jewelry opens at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach in February -- How amazing would it be to own a piece of Calder jewelry?

The jewelry exhibit makes its way to the Metropolitan Museum in December --


erica said...

i had no idea he did jewelry! i love his work so much.

Field Trip said...

Yeah, who knew?

The description says he created about 1,800 pieces of jewelry in his lifetime, and 70 will be included in this exhibit.

Are there any Calders near you? (or Serras for that matter?)

erica said...

hmm...there's calder's 'the big sail' on mit's campus. i can't think of any serra sculptures in my area, but i love loved his 'vortex' at the new modern art museum in fort worth, which i saw last january.

Field Trip said...

Wow... those are beautiful. I'm going to go out of my way to see those when I'm in the area. Thanks for the tip.