Friday, December 7, 2007


This is 'Welcome' by Raphael Zollinger (South African, b.?), the most overtly political of the pieces currently displayed on campus. He says he used 'archtypical images to comment on the abuse human beings visit upon one another'.


Santa said...

Not the most uplifting of sculptures, but strong, good, def does the job.
Polaroid seems to fit really well with this one. Somehow lets the figures almost be alive.
Will have to get out there soon.
You niiiice!


A said...

Thanks, Santa (I can't believe you're making me call you that).

Yes, this is a good one. We traveled to South Africa last year -- wish I had my Polaroid with me then -- so after learning the history of the country I can see why these are issues on Zollinger's mind. And of course, they're especially relevant in today's climate.

Visit the sculpture garden if you get the chance. Unfortunately one of my favorites is gone, a woman's figure made of wood about the size of a bus. Loved that one. Wonder where it went.