Monday, December 3, 2007


You wouldn't know from my previous posts that I live in a large and bustling metropolis. In fact, I live in New York city, but I am lucky enough to live in the borough of Brooklyn, a sort of oasis just a 10 minute train ride from the madness that is Manhattan. Brooklyn is something of a personal utopia for reasons that are sure to reveal themselves through future posts.

Here is one. We have the Pratt University campus in our very own backyard. Pratt, founded 1887, is mainly known as an arts and architecture school. It also has a sculpture garden to rival some of the best across the country. Do you have a sculpture garden near you? Which would you recommend?

This sculpture is one of my favorites. It is called 'Victorian & Eucantha' (1988-1993), a large-scale head by Phillip Grausman (American, b. 1935). Actually, this is Eucantha, they used to be a pair, but Victoria has gone traveling, off to another exhibit, I suppose.

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Mark said...

Love this campus and the sculpture garden!

That's right, you don't need to leave BK to have a great field trip.