Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunken Forest

I promise this will be my last Fire Island post for a while. Last weekend we caught one of the last ferries of the season to visit the Sunken Forest. It's a 300 year old forest on the barrier island, surrounded by dunes.

It was freezing, but what a wonderful excursion. Do you ever go to the beach on a cold day? It's exhilarating.

Thanks for being such a good subject, Claudine!


Mark said...

This one has a lot of energy - bright sunlight and Polaroids seem to go together. You really capture a mood here.

A said...

Thanks! I realized this are my first Polaroids with people in them. The energy is so different.

Andrea Juana la Loca said...

A, to answer your question, I love going to the beach on a cold day. It could be an arctic freezing limb-numbing day, and I'll still run like a spaz in the wind. Poor Rach, the things I put her through.